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Beginning in 2022, we made the decision that it was time to leverage our knowledge of digital marketing and relationships to the market to open up the dressing table mirror market to both buyers and sellers. We wanted to highlight the numerous websites that offer a platform to designers and dealers.

We also know that throughout the epidemic, established big businesses were able to grow even more and solidify their position in the market. Despite the fact that the first phases were quite advantageous for both buyers and sellers, larger corporations pounded home their SEO and digital marketing strategies, which has hurt smaller suppliers.

We wanted to change that while also highlighting many of our vendors’ more original ideas. We want to open up the market to the extraordinary amount of originality and distinctive styles that have evolved in the previous two years.

We wanted to build a business where everyone could prosper while still demonstrating our love and gratitude for our clients.

Thank you for finding out more about Jones Dressing Table Mirrors, the premiere dressing table mirrors company. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us and our project, which has been a real passion of ours. We are a smaller business when compared to our main competitors. But at the core of our company, we have our customers’ hearts and souls in mind.

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